coopsy 23.6.22 Mothership Marine

A range of solar electric and hybrid boats designed for inland waterways.

Mothership Solar Electric Narrowboat
Mothership Solar Electric Riverboat
Mothership Solar Electric Houseboat
Mothership Dayboat

Integrated Solar Roof. Innovation that’s in keeping with narrowboat aesthetics.

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly boating. Travel the waterways without leaving an impact. Electric boats do not pollute. The electric motors are truly ‘zero emission’. Electric boats will not disturb the environment with noise or exhaust fumes.

Electric Motors

Electric boats are almost maintenance free, they are reliable, cheap to run and easy to operate. It is estimated by the motor manufacturers that the only maintenance required is the renewal of the main bearing in 20 years time.

Quiet Please

Having electric motors mean that your boat is very, very quiet. Large solar array means that your boat is self sufficient and non polluting. But over and above all of this, your boat is elegant and a joy to be aboard.