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MotherShip on Sydney HarbourSpending time at the Sydney International Boatshow and answering questions from eager new fans gave us a little food for thought. Your questions at the Show highlighted some of the wonderful features that make her oh so special.

That’s why we’ve put together 7 things you may not know about the MotherShip.


1. The MotherShip is about romancing the non-boater in the family

MotherShip founder Tim is a passionate boat and water lover, a passion that unfortunately isn’t always shared by his wife and family. Rather than continue the weekend jaunts without his favourite people, Tim started asking other boating enthusiasts whether they faced the same problem. His research uncovered he wasn’t alone and that many families had only one keen adult in the family driving the boating adventures, and that kids would lose interest as they got older.

Tim saw this was a problem worth solving. And the result is MotherShip.

By listening to friends and family about what was missing from the standard boating holidays, Tim was able to create a concept where boating need not sacrifice space (personal and otherwise), comfort, luxury, and would encourage the family to come together on the water. The MotherShip is designed so families of all size and make-up can enjoy their holidays together without having to live in each other’s pockets.

So in a way, you could say MotherShip is one very beautiful, thoughtful love letter to his wife and family!

2. The boat colours are inspired by the Australian Bush

MotherShip green Growing up as a wee lad in the UK Tim absolutely adored the TV show, Skippy. The wonderful, lush greenery, the sunshine skies, and the various ponds and waterways featured all stuck in a young Tim’s mind.  The beauty of the Australian fauna and flora made an indelible impression on his imagination.

Moving to Australia, Tim wasn’t disappointed. He discovered a love of the Hawkesbury River Region for its greenery and open expanses of water set against the sounds and smells of the Australian Bush. He loves the wide and open ocean of the South Coast and beyond. So the corrugated aluminium siding of the boat and its rich green are subtle hat tips to the bush Tim loves so much. And the large, view capturing windows and doors are all designed to capture the best of river, ocean, beach or bush.

3. The MotherShip interior is Australian contemporary with Scandi influence

MotherShip interior design Making the MotherShip comfortable and spacious without losing any of the features you would want on a luxury holiday was a challenge, but a challenge that brought out the best in Tim, his naval architect Andy, and interior designer, Jacinta Preston.

Each step of the way, this tireless trio has had a beautifully tasteful Australian contemporary design with Scandinavian influences carried through each deck and space of the MotherShip. An open flow with minimalist approach coupled with innovative storage and repurposing solutions has made a beautiful idea all the more sumptuous.


4. The MotherShip is eco friendly

MotherShip solar panels MotherShip was created to take in the joy of Australia’s beautiful weather, but not only through providing a gorgeous view and naturally lit setting. The MotherShip is also hybrid powered by an electric motor and solar panels. The solar panels stretch the length of the rooftop deck awning and provide ample natural energy to power the two Elco Yachts EP 4000 Electric Motors. You can also make use of a diesel generator if needed.

This means significant savings for the environment and your hip pocket. And it’s a world first in boating innovation.

5. The MotherShip uses Australian chestnut

The floors and finishings of the MotherShip certainly garnered a lot of praise during the Boat Show. That praise was due to the use of Australian chestnut wood.

Built to look beautiful and to last, Australian chestnut keeps shape when wet, is easy to maintain and clean, and provides a strong wood finish to all kinds of construction. That’s why we chose Australian chestnut for the floors, plinths and cabinetry in the lounge and kitchen, and trim in the sleeping hulls.

And the interior design of the MotherShip looks stunning because of it.

6. Technology isn’t forgotten

MotherShip sleeping berths“Where’s the TV?” asked one youngster aboard the boat as he inspected the MotherShip lounge.

“There isn’t one,” came the reply from Tim as he looked the accompanying parent knowingly in the eye.

While the MotherShip is providing an alternative to the nightly TV battles with your kids, we’re also quite conscious of today’s connected world. That’s why the sleeping berths contain USB chargers for your smart phones, tablets and other IT devices.

As a hard working fellow in advertising, Tim knows sometimes you have to take a little work with you on holidays. So you could say adding support for technology was important.

Making it a focal point however was never going to be on the cards. That way, you and the family can stay in touch with the outside world while enjoying your relaxing, cruisy holidays.

7. Renting, sharing and owning MotherShip are all encouraged

MotherShip was built as a beautiful alternative to the first or second family home. Or as a way for families who usually enjoy overseas travel to enjoy the same level of relaxation, difference and fun without the long haul flight.

But the journey doesn’t end there.

We know through talking to many of you that you would like the option to share a hull or rent a MotherShip. We’ve listened to this feedback in person, and would like to get some hard data to see what we can do to help.

That’s why we have a 1 minute survey asking whether you would like to rent, share or own a MotherShip. It will help inform our next steps so we can create the kind of MotherShip adventure that suits your lifestyle.

MotherShip enjoying a well earned rest after her public debut.

MotherShip enjoying a well earned rest after her public debut.

The final call for boarding:

We’d like to thank everyone again for making our time at the Sydney Boat Show memorable. Visits from iconic comedian Vince Sorrenti, friends and family, well wishers, boat lovers, families looking for great holiday alternatives, other marine companies and ship builders, business people, the media, holiday rental companies and the odd eccentric billionaire made our first preview of our beloved MotherShip so very special.

Thank you!

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