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About Us

Tim Knox – Founder

Tim-on-stern-185x215Tim Knox, Mothership Marine’s Founder is a family man with a passion for the water. Unfortunately, this passion is not altogether shared by his family.

Over the years he’s tried to get more water time with his family. Together they’ve had many interesting trips including a raft trip down the Hawkesbury and a canoe trip down the Murray. But as the children get older their “social commitments” seem to take precedence. And then there’s Tim’s wife, Sue, she’s lovely and likes a little comfort and Tim thinks she deserves it.

It’s a common story but one that is difficult to resolve and that is why Tim went to Andy Dovell with the idea of the MotherShip. A boat designed for mothers to be used all year round. A boat that is comfortable, very stable and has enough toys on it to keep the children and their guests occupied.

Tim loves sailing but his wife (because there can be some shouting) doesn’t, so going for the eco option of solar powered electric motors with a back up diesel is a great compromise. It’s quiet, green and easy on the pocket. And that is something every family man appreciates these days.