Craftsmanship and Design

Even to the untutored eye there is a difference between a fixer and a skilled craftsman. You may not be able to explain why but you know real craftsmanship when you see it.

The craftsman brings poetry, artistry – even a philosophy – to his or her work. This is what we attempt to do when designing and building at Mothership Marine.

Our highly skilled joiners and engineers bring much more to our boatyard every day than just the idea of getting the job done. We understand that our craftsmanship will enhance the feel-good factor of our owner’s leisure experience. We build our boats for the people who will own them, fall in love with them, and pass them on to future generations.

We aim for every aspect of our narrowboats to be totally sustainable. And to bring pleasure for years to come.

Our Legacy

It matters to the Mothership Marine crew what we leave behind.

We know that the world is full of rush. Full of noise. Full of stress and anxiety.

And we know that our environment is under threat.

Our legacy is the experience of calm, quietude and restfulness that our owners will experience, weekend after weekend, holiday after holiday, gliding along canals and rivers which are restoratively beautiful.

Owning one of our boats adds nothing to your carbon footprint as you enjoy your leisure.

Mothership Marine boats offer a new, environmentally friendly, weekending and holiday experience to busy City dwellers who want to commune with nature, perhaps somewhere different each time, but where they can always experience the rest and peacefulness they long for.