coopsy 23.6.22 Accommodation |


The brief to the architect and interior designer was elegant simplicity. Proportions were kept classical. Colours and textures were chosen to sympathise with the environment.

Upper Deck
Up high and with an uninterrupted view, you’ll find the navigation station. This is also a very sociable part of the boat with swivelling chairs for Skipper and Mate and large sofa for back seat drivers.

Aft is the “garage”. There is enough space under the solar panels to store kayaks and a sailing dinghy. With gas struts, access is as easy as lifting the hatchback of a car. Davit positions are built into the deck should you want to lift heavier craft.


Main Deck
Here you’ll find one of the most spacious living areas afloat today. Aft is a full sized kitchen with a dining table capable of seating eight adults comfortably.

Open up the bifold doors and between courses stroll down the arched steps to the swim platform. Dive in. It’s a great way to work up an appetite for the next course.

Forward there’s comfortable seating for all and two schools of thought. The MotherShip can be fitted with a TV and you can enjoy a film together or you can get away from electronics and entertain yourselves by playing games, telling tales and simply having a great time with family and friends.


Lower Deck
This is a cosy place to rest. Well positioned portholes provide good ventilation and rewarding glimpses of the world outside.

Toilet and Shower
They are generously sized and because they are situated on the main deck, a simple flushing toilet is possible. Thomas Crapper would have been proud.