Day Boat Day 1

Day Boat Prototype

The prototype is in build. It says something about me that at the end of the day when the team has gone home I always take a final look around. It’s my favourite part of the day. I just love passing an eye over all the beautiful things made. Today was a special day because […]

Fixing a solar panel part 1

Best Practice – how to fit a semi flexible solar panel (Part 1) We’ve now fitted hundreds of these panels and  we’ve found this method to be the simplest. It also gets the best results. It’s really important that the panels are handled gently and is not over bent as this can crack the solar […]

Narrowboat Tranquility ready for delivery

There will be ‘Tranquility’ on the A1 very soon. Our new shell will be arriving Sheffield very soon for owners Caroline and Veerji. ‘Tranquility’s’ topsides has been painted in 2 pack gloss RAL 5014 Pidgeon Blue. He hull has an epoxy primer. The Mothership team paint the hull. Also a 2 pack system from Jotun […]

Solmate ready for sign writing

The name Solmate was put to a vote on Facebook. It’s a play on the boats nearly 2kW of solar cells on her roof and an homage to ‘Sol Beer’ of which the boat owners have had a long relasionship. It’s hard to think that they won’t fit in on the cut.  From a vector […]

Stelvio very close to completion

Stelvio has been a big mountain to climb and is our grandest and longest boat to date at 65′. She has been plauged by supply chain issues and ‘hats off’ to the Mothership build team. These disruptions have called for flexibility and patience. We at Mothership beleive that the interiors of narrowboats should feel like […]

Day Boat Prototype

The Day Boat project has been on the drawing board since 2018. It’s a very competetive market with lots of good options for the consumer. However, we believe we have developed a very special boat and soon we won’t be showing you 3D renders but real life pictures. Experience has shown that it is rare […]

Stelvio Signwriting

Sign writing is an age old narrowboat tradition. Without it boats look a little bare. It all started when narrowboats were working boats and like trucks on the road today it was a way of advertising their company. Nowadays, we give our boats names and not numbers and they are owned by individuals not companies […]