Be nice to the spray foam guys

Battening on a solar electric narrowboat

Two things to think about here.

Two things to think about here. The first is to really batten the boat well prior to a visit for the insulation guys coming. The second is to treat those ‘masters of all things thermal’ guys really well. Efficiency and quality Battening is a really important job. Mothership Marine really believe in getting the job done well, in-fact we go a little overboard (excuse the turn of phrase). It’s the boats foundations. Get those right the rest of the job will progress smoothly. Variation We also allow for some in the position of bulkheads. It’s natural to be over optimistic when looking at plans of a narrowboat. A tweak of a few inches on bulkheads can make all the difference to a design. It’s one of the reasons Mothership Marine Narrowboats feel much less claustrophobic than similar builds. Warm and cozy There are many ways to insulate a narrowboat but we prefer Polyurethane Sprayed Foam. If done by a good team you won’t get cold spots. Important when wanting to avoid condensation which can have a very detrimental effect on your hull and from the resulting mould, your health. So we’re nice to the team and you get a few more millimetres of foam in all the right places and you get that all important warm and cozy feeling. Stay tuned for further updates and of course if you are interested please get in touch.

On a cold winter night these chaps are beautiful!

Insulate UK

Really top job from the guys at Websters Insulation 

Insulate UK

While Insulate Britain block roads we get on with the job in hand. Now ready for some hot winter nights.

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