Owners David and Sandy live on the South Coast and as you’d expect they have owned boats before, but it’s worth mentioning at this point that they are very keen cyclists. Whenever and wherever they go on holiday they take a bike, or two, each.

It’s no surprise therefore that their boat has been built with cycling in mind and in fact is named after one of cycling’s greatest physical challenges. The Stelvio Pass, which is a gruelling part of the Giro d’Italia, Italy’s Tour de France.    

At 65’ this is a big boat.  Three of those feet are to store their bikes under the tug deck.  Although the bikes are incredibly light, an electric lift has been installed to make stowage easier.

Stelvio’s interior is lined with reclaimed oak which has a beautiful and rich patina.  One of the most challenging parts of documenting her on this web page was the photography,  in that making sure that what you as a viewer saw on the screen matched the experience of being on the boat, because this is a very beautiful boat.       

Using very old reclaimed timber adds history to your project.  It lends a richness and warmth to the build and this is certainly felt on Stelvio. There is a calmness to the interior of this boat that is mirrored by the effortless and silent electric power train.                                               

We often shun the modern world and technology for the noise and stress that it adds into our lives, however Stelvio is an example where that same technology has been used to bring calm and serenity.

Buon Viaggio Stelvio!


  • 15 kW Direct drive water-cooled electric motor
  • 10 kw DC back-up generator
  • 28.6 kWh heated lithium battery
  • 3.6 kw isolation transformer
  • 10 kw inverter
  • 2.15 kw integrated solar array
  • 65’ Semi cruiser reversed layout
  • 2 pack paint system
  • 750 litre freshwater tank
  • Steel 10,6,5,4
  • Josher Bow
  • Teak decks
  • Ebespatcher Heating
  • Reflecs Stove
  • Quooker tap

Layout Description

The sociable semi-cruiser sterns are proving to be very popular with Mothership owners.  Let’s face it, they’re nice people. Stelvio’s stern is slightly longer and also features a custom made portable coffee table also finished with synthetic teak.  Underneath the deck are the batteries, in this case lithium, and our faithful workhorse PMAC water-cooled electric motor. 

On descending the companionway stairs into the boat you’ll find the electrical cupboard on the starboard side with a washer dryer cupboard forward of that, let’s call this the laundry. On the port side is a large loo fitted with an incinerating toilet which also serves as a cloakroom.  

Pass through this section and you’re into the lounge/dining area of the boat. In this area sits a copper Refleks stove. The main feature of this area are the double ended chaises longues. This imaginative and versatile bit of furniture can be used for seating, dining and sleeping. 

Move further up the boat and you’re into the galley with breakfast bar.  The galley has a host of appliances including fridgefreezer, a Quooker tap, oven, induction hob and dishwasher.  Tucked neatly in the floor is wine and beer storage.

Pass through the sliding door and you’re into the bathroom which is home to another incinerating toilet and a large bespoke shower which is made from 10mm plate glass and trimmed at the top with fibreglass lined oak to keep any steam in the shower.  There is also a specially made trapezium-shaped vanity unit with basin.  

The forward door of the bathroom is shared with Stelvio’s ‘dressing table’, a must at home but rarely found on a narrowboat. The bedroom features the Mothership drawbridge bed and, in total, eight drawers, three shelves and six large storage bins situated under the bed.

Between the beds is Stelvio’s Wifi which is found in a box under the forward entrance. The box serves as the first step on a hinged ladder that enables easy access to the tug deck.  The Wifi takes its feed from an antenna on top of the tunnel light situated at the front of the boat.

Under the tug deck is a 750 litre freshwater tank, bike rack and DC generator.

Side Elevation

Day Plan

Roof Plan

Sleeping plan

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