Every narrowboat carries a story. Wattways owner, Anita, who has just retired (yes another one), has family all over the UK. She will live on board with her dog and cat, be a constant cruiser and visit her family whilst ticking off every single inland waterway in the UK.

Above all, Anita needed a boat that would make her self sufficient and capable of powering through some strong tidal flows that she would inevitably find on her travels.

A committed environmentalist, Anita will be travelling as much as possible under solar power and has quickly learnt that it is easier to conserve power by travelling gently rather than using the generator or recharging from a shore line.

Evidently any heat generation using electricity uses a lot of energy. This includes ovens, immersion heaters and hobs. To counter this Anita is using a solid fuel stove that has an inbuilt oven and back boiler. It means a warm boat, hot meals and a hot bath.

It’s never easy to find a fresh water standpipe when you need one and to this end Anita has installed a high end filter system that takes river or canal water and converts it into clean water.
In total there are five berths on this boat, two doubles and a single. Anita plans to return the hospitality of her hosts by returning the favour with long trips on her boat, Wattway. A win-win for all concerned.


  • 15 kW Belt drive air-cooled electric motor
  • 3.6 kw isolation transformer
  • 2 pack paint system
  • 28.6 kWh lead carbon battery
  • 8 kw inverter
  • Teak deck
  • 1.8 kw integrated solar array
  • 58’ 6” Semi cruiser reversed layout
  • 3 kW back-up generator
  • Steel 10,6,5,4

Layout Description

Wattway has a cruiser stern with a horse shoe shaped bench aft. It’s a practical and sociable stern. Slide back the companion way hatch and descend the steps, underneath which are hidden the boat’s lead carbon batteries. You are now in the galley. Here you’ll find a washer/dryer, fridge and freezer and ample cupboard and drawer space.

At the forward end of the galley you’ll find a dinette that converts into a double bed for guests. Either side are duck hatches and because the dinette is raised, there’s always a pleasant view out the side of the boat. Under the seats you will also find ample storage.

Move forward into the saloon, there is an L-shaped sofa that can be lengthened to sleep an adult. This comfortable sofa looks onto the tv and a multi-fuel stove with built-in oven and back boiler. Again there is ample storage under the sofa.

Wattway features a completely separate bathroom with bath, also a composting loo and semi recessed sink over the cabinet. All wet walls are made in-house from fibreglass, giving a top quality finish that is completely waterproof and easy to repair should there be any mishaps.

The bedroom features a small double bed, two wardrobes and a set of drawers. Under the bed there are three drawers that open on the long side of the bed. The base of the bed lifts on gas struts to reveal even more storage under the bed.

All timber below the gunwales and much of what is used to construct the cupboards and furniture is reclaimed pine that lends age to this beautiful boat. Not only does the reclaimed timber look warm and natural but it is very easy to repair.

Side Elevation

Day Plan

Roof Plan

Sleeping plan

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