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Be inspired and rewarded

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Looking for a world class venue for your next sales meeting, planning session or are wanting to impress new or existing customers? The Mothership in combination with the Cottage Point Inn might be what you are looking for. Here’s an example of a typical day:

  • Board the Mothership at Akuna Bay (only 50 mins drive from the CBD)
  • Depart Akuna Bay then cruise to a secluded bay.
  • Enjoy a morning of meetings and presentations
  • Depart secluded bay and cruise to the renowned Cottage Point Inn for lunch
  • Entrée and main course in the restaurant.
  • Board Mothership to take dessert and coffee whilst cruising the waters of the National Park
  • Continue meeting in secluded bay
  • Cruise back to Akuna Bay for and wrap up meeting

Cottage Point Inn

Undoubtedly this is one of Sydney’s finest Restaurants. Head Chef Guillaume Zika brings a Michelin star menu to one of the most beautiful vistas in Australia. Fine food, fine wine and fine service add up to an unforgettable memory. One that is treasured and valued by all.



A new venue for new ideas

Business today is about results. Results often go hand in hand with innovation but it is hard to be innovative without inspiration. The Mothership is a world first with many features designed from scratch. Allow her to inspire you, loosen up your thinking and help you resolve challenges facing your team and company.

Disturb or do not disturb

Phone and internet reception is patchy in the National Park. We can place the Mothership either in an area of good reception or not. It’s up to you whether you want your team to be disturbed or not.

Space and mod cons

The Mothership provides all equipment needed for presentation including projector and screen.

Power nap

Sometimes particularly after a morning of meetings and a fine lunch the brain needs a moment or two to revive. There are 4 separate cabins on the Mothership where weary heads can be rested bringing them back to full power for a productive afternoon meeting.

All weather

Boating is often associated with only one sort of weather, good weather. However, the Motherships comfortable and voluminous internal spaces mean that she is a very safe bet in any weather and at any time of the year.

Carbon footprint

It is good to be green. The Mothership charges all of her batteries, motor and house, using solar power. Your day will be a carbon zero day. In effect, you’ll have a solar powered boat with a solar powered coffee machine and projector.


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All prices are in $AUD and include 10% GST
Wine and other beverages are charged at restaurant