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The Mothership Dayboat.

You’ll find the Mothership Dayboat one of the most gracious boats on the water. Her elegant lines and silent green motor ensure the enjoyment of nature and good conversation. The occasional popping of champagne corks is all the noise you’ll make.

The sound of silence.

At 20′ long and 8′ 2″ wide the Mothership Dayboat make a superb platform for entertaining. Her hydrodynamic hull is pushed through the water by a 4kW electric pod motor that make so little sound you’ll only hear silence and the gentle lapping of water on the bow. Conversation will never be interupted and voices will never need to be raised. No stinky fumes either.

Simply Solar

The sun’s rays hit the solar panel, the solar panels charge the batteries and the batteries drive the motor. The only moving part is the propeller. Maintenance is minimal.

Diagram showing pod drive

Ingenious design for your convenience.

At all times the solar panels are charging batteries. It means that when you arrive at the boat batteries are fully charged and you’re immediately ready for a day out on the water, no need to waste time topping up with fuel at the bowser. Press a button and the awning rises to reveal a plush interior. Because the awning seals the cockpit completely it is possible to finish the interior to a very high standard. There is no chance of weather damage because the awning completely covers the coaming. It’s just like opening a jewellery box.

The hull door allows for easy entry to the cockpit and avoids any need for gymnastics. Make your way to the steering console. Switch on, check the power levels and cast off. What could be simpler.

Dayboat Solar
Dayboat awning up
Dayboat awning stowed

Don’t judge a book by its cover

The elegant and contemporary lines of the hull and the technology aboard are a distinct contrast to the cockpits interior. Choose from a wide range of sustainable british and tropical timber in the knowledge that maintenance will be minimal due to the fact that any timber on the boat is exposed only as long at you are using the boat. After that it is tucked away from the elements under the awning. The same reasoning can be applied to any fabrics or carpets you choose. On this boat you can indulge yourself.

Movable furniture

The designers of the Mothership Dayboat wanted a boat that was flexible. It is the only boat of its size with a beam generous enough to be able to carry a full sized dining table. No more eating off your knees on this boat. And when you have finished eating stow the table and arrange the furniture in an infinite number of permutations to suit your mood and that of your guests.

Save the world by entertaining

Spending time messing about on the river is one of the simple joys of life. On the Mothership Dayboat, entertain in the knowledge that your motor and wine chiller is ‘run on the sun’. Enjoy many green Sunday afternoons aboard the Mothership Dayboat.

Design protected by UK Design Right and EU Design Right

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