Day Boat Prototype

The Day Boat project has been on the drawing board since 2018. It’s a very competetive market with lots of good options for the consumer. However, we believe we have developed a very special boat and soon we won’t be showing you 3D renders but real life pictures.

Experience has shown that it is rare that we get anything right first time. It’s why we have elected to make the Day boat prototype out of marine ply. Without going to the expense of building moulds we can easily tweak the design if necessary. The area we are particularly keen to get right are as follows:

  • Aesthetic
  • Hull efficiency
  • Motor and propeller quietness
  • Comfort onboard
  • Ease of boarding and alighting
  • Solar gain
  • Remote monitoring
  • Value for money

In the weeks to come we will be posting regularly as to the boats progress.

If you are interested pre-booking a production boat please get in touch.

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