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Falcon – the Solar Electric Narrowboat for all occasions

Tom and Polly came to visit the Mothership yard in Oundle, Northants with a funny story. They’d just been visited by their children, all now adults with their own families. The ‘children’ were reminiscing about the narrowboat holidays and how much they’d enjoyed them. Polly and Tom were taken aback, “we thought you hated them”. “No” they said, “we loved them”. Kids who’d have them!

After a short trip on Shine, both Tom and Polly were convinced that solar electric was the way to go as not only was it the green option but the quiet motor really enhanced the contryside experience. They found it a real tonic and a good antidote to modern day life.

Design principles

A good way to think about a boat is to question what it will be doing and who will be on board the majority of the time. The 80/20 rule applies to narrowboats as well.

Two’s company – 80% of the time. Tom and Polly have plans to explore the UK. Up and down and left and right. They’ll be doing this mostly on their own so the boat really has to be a home from home. On a 57′ narrowboat you have about 240 square feet of floor space. This sounds a lot but it’s about the size of the average 1 bedroom flat. The interior layout  has to be uncompromising and about the couple, how they like to live, sleep and entertain. I should mention that Tom and Polly are lots of fun and like to entertain. It’s worth pointing out that storing heavy Lead Carbon batteries in the ‘engine’ room means there is less need for ballast at the back end of the boat leaving an exciting amount of space to store wine stored under the floor.

Visitors – ‘Children’, their spouses and a lot of grand children. All in search of a bit of R&R and laying down a few family memories. Falcon is adaptable. The sofas turn into chaise longues, that turn into benches either side of a dining table that drops down to form a king size bed. Over the galley, hammocks quickly materialise. The perfect place for a young apprentice pirate to catch up on a bit of shut eye.

So many beautiful things – Ever heard a cuckoo cuckoo while motoring along. It will make you smile for 1 hour. Ever spooked a canoeist nearly causing them to capsize by creeping up on them silently. It will make you smile for hours. The world is such a beautiful, joyful place and discovering it in a solar electric narrowboat will fill you with a sense optimism that will make you smile well into tomorrow.

Falcon Plan


57′ Semi Cruiser
Teak Decks
2kW Integrated Solar
Double Glazed Ports and doors

15kW Electric Motor
28kW/h battery bank
5kW Generator
Bow thruster

Solar Charger
Isolation Transformer
24V DC

Combi Oven

The Drawbridge Bed

Being ‘Green’ means you can sleep well at night. During the day an electric actuator pushes the bed into a stored position. Under the beds is storage. Our mattresses are ‘made to measure’ and come with a built-in 25mm memory foam top. Very comfortable.

Introducing the CBD (Chaise longue, Bed, Dining table).

Designed and built by Mothership Marine, the CBD is a unique idea in narrow boating. On a sturdy well upholstered frame the CBD converts easily from a chaise longue for 2, to dining table for 6 and at the end of the day a king sized bed designed for 2 .

Seamless Solar

The Mothership Narrowboat carries more solar panels than many houses.

Having the solar panels recessed within the roof panel is very practical and helps protect the panels from damage. It is also very aesthetically pleasing. Good design that is practical and nice to look at.

The panels have been designed by Mothership Marine to fit exactly between the handrails of the boat’s coachroof. We also provide a fibreglass panel the same colour as your boat’s roof giving a seamless finish.

They are available in poly or mono crystaline cells and have a prismatic ETFE finish which helps capture light when the sun is low in the sky.

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