Easy to understand

Having a boat that you understand is fundamental to enjoying your time aboard. Electrification has been brilliant for the environment, but it’s got us scratching our heads.

The thing with electric boats is understanding that you get more with less if you integrate the individual parts well. Electrical experts love talking like trainspotters and it leads to confusion for the humble boater.

Once you understand what a kilowatt hour is, you’re halfway there. From that point you don’t have to worry too much about volts, amps and even to some extent AC and DC.

Most people specify the equipment on their boat for the worst day of their life. We believe you should specify a boat for the best day of your life. That’s to say, pick a motor that gives you enough power to use on the waterways when it is safe to be on the waterways. That means that you’ll specify a motor, battery bank, solar panels and back-up generator to suit.

This philosophy extends into the cabin aswell. Choose appliances that you’ll use every day rather than when you are cooking a banquet. This means that the inverter you choose is appropriate.

However, all this falls apart if you can’t monitor easily the ‘electrical environment’.

Mothership Marine is working hard to find a robust and simple solution that will enable boaters to understand exactly what’s going on energy-wise. It will integrate every aspect of the electrical infrastructure onto one screen.

With the right monitoring equipment you can plan your day and manage your resources effectively.