Quieter Belt Drive

Noise is noise

There was a lovely old advert for a Volkswagen Golf. In it a glamorous model became frustrated by an irritating squeak. She stopped at a garage and a triumphant mechanic eventually worked out that it was her earring.

This is like electric boating. Because it’s so quiet you become unhealthily fascinated by every noise.

The most economical solution for narrowboats is to have a higher speed electric motor that is geared down to drive a slower propeller. The most economical solution to achieve this is with a toothed belt. When travelling at lower speeds this noise is barely noticeable. However, go a little bit faster, and it starts to get on your nerves. You become a noise nazi. This noise is caused by air escaping from between the teeth of the belt.

At higher speeds, noise is not a problem because of the water noise around the propeller.

Mothership Marine is experimenting with Poly V belts that drastically reduce noise at mid-levels.

Of course we are offering water cooled direct drive motors which are beautiful bits of equipment, but are over twice the price of belt driven motors.