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Propulsion system

These are exciting times in marine propulsion. Electric motors are now at the forefront of every person’s mind building a boat. It’s also a confusing time with new technology adding to consumer choice seemingly every day. Mothership Marine has partnered with one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Interior Permanent Magnet AC Motors, Ashwoods Electric Motors. These motors are seriously robust and very efficient.

However, it is important to realise that while these motors are the beating heart of the propulsion system, they are reliant on many other components to make your boat perform the best it can, safely and efficiently. These components include motor controllers, contactors, electric throttles, gears, belts, bearings and propellers and are all very interdependent on each other.


Propellers and motors

Combustion motors have different characteristics to electric motors. As most knowledge regarding propeller choice is based on experience with combustion motors, Mothership Marine felt the need to know more and wanted to put some science into the dark art of choosing the right propeller to go with a specific electric motor.  To do this we have partnered with Bedford University’s Prof. Jun Peng. Work is still ongoing and we expect to publish results in the summer of 2021.

Field Tests

Since late spring, Mothership Marine has been rigorously testing our system for a boat. A synopsis of the results are listed below .




Tight Canal .7kW-1kW 2-3mph Trapped water and venturi effect between hull and canal bottom make using more power futile
Larger Canal 1kW 3-4mph A pleasant speed with no wash — need to slow a little where boats are moored
Wide Rivers .5kW-1.5kW 3-5mph Slowly rolling along with little noise is relaxing however if you have a deadline, speed is easily available
Tidal Thames 2kW-5kw 5-7mph Speed needed to make lock deadlines and keep up with flow of traffic – more power available if needed

The Mothership Marine propulsion system is designed to keep the Ashwoods Electric Motor running as efficiently as possible making effective use of every Watt.

Please get in touch if you would like a quote for a Mothership Marine Electric Propulsion System