Narrowboat Tranquility ready for delivery

Electric Boat Builders

There will be ‘Tranquility’ on the A1 very soon. Our new shell will be arriving Sheffield very soon for owners Caroline and Veerji. ‘Tranquility’s’ topsides has been painted in 2 pack gloss RAL 5014 Pidgeon Blue.

He hull has an epoxy primer. The Mothership team paint the hull. Also a 2 pack system from Jotun above the waterline. Below the waterline we have had success the Seajet Coastal Antifoul which helps keep weeds at bay. Non slip surfaces are achieved with the use Raptor and 2 grades of silica, a fine grade for the roof and more course for the gunwale.

Tranquility has a 58’6″ hull, a traditional bow and a semi curiser stern with a filled aft seat. Nobody bends steel like Jonathon Wilson apart from Uri Geller of course.

Inside the cabin there will be a reverse layout, central bathroom and bedroom up forward with our ‘drawbridge beds.

Watch this space.

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