coopsy 23.6.22 Naval Architect |

Comfort, style, efficiency, value for money, family friendly, eco friendly and heaps of fun were all words used in the brief to Naval Architect Andy Dovell. We were looking for a boat that would be a real alternative to a beach house and something that could be used all year round.

Andy’s credentials as a Naval Architect are well known in the industry and include 5 America’s Cups, the design of over 50 prestigious yachts and cruisers including the stately Palm Beach.

Andy’s responses was a houseboat that in fact wasn’t a houseboat. She is sleek, sea-worthy and has very elegant lines. She has a top speed of over 10 knots and enough storage space to keep a sailing dinghy and 2 sea kayaks.

The MotherShip is driven by solar powered electric motors that are backed up by a diesel generator. It means motoring is quiet and inexpensive. A real win win situation.