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Integrated Solar Roof

Photo of 2.5M section of modular roof topside
showing 4 integrated 90Watt solar panels.

Underside of solar roof module

Photo of modular roof under side showing’tongue and groove’
finish and recessed light fittings. Conduits lead to sides.

Integrated Solar Roof. Innovation that’s in keeping with narrowboat aesthetics.


Like all good ideas this is a simple idea. It brings together several established practices and puts them together in a neat way. It saves time and reduces costs.

Sure there are those amongst us who would like to carry forward the steel roof tradition. But please be aware that steel roofs have not been around for very long at all.

Topless build

Building a narrowboat with the roof off saves time. It means that parts made more efficiently in the workshop can be dropped into place. It’s how other boats have been built for years.

On finishing the fitout the rigid modules are placed over the cabin sides. They overlock each other and the cabin to create a watertight fit and a fixed with bolts and sealant. Cables from the solar panels and lights are then connected.

Section through narrowboat

Integrated Solar Roof. Innovation that reduces costs by speeding up build time.

Introductory offer suitable for a 57′ semi-trad – Be green for less

Roof Modules
4 x Main roof section, 1 x Semi trad stern, 1 x Hatch, 1 x Intermediate roof

Solar, Batteries, Systems
Solar – 16 x 90W panels (1440W), MPPT solar charger, Battery (Tubular Gel) – 8 x 12v 110ah  (10.5 kW/h)

Deck Head
Tongue and groove effect, Downlights

Total was £15,513 – Introductory offer £14,100

Prices include VAT and exclude delivery

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Integrated Solar Roof. Innovation that harvests the sun’s energy and reduces polution.