Sailaways have always been an option for narrowboat customers however with the move towards electrification a customer fit out becomes very technical. 

Mothership recognizes that building your own narrowboat can be a real joy, that’s why we do it for a living.  We also don’t like it when it drags on, that’s why we have come up with the idea of a sailaway plus.  Essentially the customer gets:

  • the shell
  • full paint job
  • fitted solar panels
  • electric motor
  • generator
  • charger inverter
  • AC distribution
  • DC distribution
  • All lights
  • Plumbing (first fix)
  • Finished internal lining coach roof
  • Internal lining under gunnels and floor

The fitout can also include:

  • Showers
  • Toilet
  • Beds
  • Stove
  • Internal Bulkheads

We want to deliver a product that gives the customer a fighting chance of completing their narrowboat in a few months.  Because, there is nothing worse than starting the project, it dragging on and them losing their narrowboat mojo.

Drawbridge bed.

A clever design that gives you a full width, full length double bed at night and by the use of electric actuators, the bed lifts up in the middle enabling you to walk through the middle like Moses in a bed shop. 


To enable you to sail away in comfort, and to start to enjoy your new project we can fit a bathroom shower and toilet. 

Solar Panels

Mothership have designed their own solar panels to fit across the whole width of the cabin roof.  Between the solar panels where the roof needs to be pierced (for vents or chimneys) we fit a fiberglass panel the same thickness as the solar panels giving a completely level and integrated finish.  It also helps down the track with maintenance, never needing to paint your roof again. 


Lets face it, a good stove is heavy and cutting through a steel roof is not easy.  It doesn’t take us long but it enables us to give you a stove that conforms with all the regulations and, again, makes sailing away an all year round comfortable event. 

Motor Room.

Electric motor, generator, batteries, calorifier etc., all fitted out to the myriad of ISO regulations.  This is perhaps the most complicated area of the build and is well worth taking advantage of our expertise when investing in a new narrowboat.

Electrical Cupboard.

The electrical cupboard is the nerve centre of the boat.  Getting it right is imperative.  Some may feel particularly with land based electrical qualifications, that they might be able to do this work themselves, however its worth bearing in mind that marine regulations are quite different.  All of our work is to the highest quality and fully tested to meet the latest regulations. 

Internal Fitout.

This is the fun bit, this is the bit where you get creative and is the most satisfying part of the build.  By now you have probably found Pinterest so get cataloguing and design the boat that’s going to make you and your family very happy.  Then at the end you can raise a glass to yourself and say “I did that, well done me”.