Drawbridge Bed

Comfort and ergonomics

As we get a little older we appreciate more and more a good night’s sleep. It makes for a better tomorrow and an excellent bed helps. The drawbridge bed is a Mothership design and is manufactured in-house. Electric actuators push the mattress up to a near vertical position during the day. At night you’ll be able to enjoy a King Size bed.

Easy bed to make

Making a double bed well on a narrowboat can be a bit of a chore. It’s very hard to reach over to the top corners. Quite often its not done which means that your boat will look untidy all day long. If you are more of a ‘Ship Shape Bristol Fashion’ kind of person you’ll like the Drawbridge Bed because it is so easy to make. Just a minute or 2. It’s also very easy to change fitted sheets too. 2 small mattresses are are much easier to wrangle in a small space than a big double. Take back control of you bedroom!


The mattresses are 2’6″ wide and can be any length but standard is 1.9M and therefore are little cheaper. Fitted sheets can be bought from Bedlinen Direct.

Convenient Storage

Underneath the bed there is tons of space for storage. And because the beds lift fully at the touch of a button, anything you store there can be instanly accessed which is not always the case on narrowboat. In ‘sleep mode’ there is also a very handy trough for storage of all those things needed in the middle of the night. Books, glasses, water, iPad, etc.