3 Powerful Solutions

There are many types of electric motor but Mothership Marine prefers the PMAC (Permanent Magnet Alternating Current).

Smaller and lighter, they are highly efficient especially at lower loads and offer more precise speed control. Importantly they are very quiet and we like that.

Choosing an electric motor very much depends on your needs and budget. We offer two main options. Direct Drive or Belt Drive. The benefits are listed below:

 Belt Drive Polly ‘V’Belt Drive Direct Drive
Weights15kg 16kg 35kg
Power15 kW15 kW15 kW
Noise Low Speednegligiblenegligiblenegligible
Noise Half Speedwhirringnegligiblenegligible
Noise Full Speednot audible over water noisenot audible over water noisenot audible over water noise
Run Time Full Power5 minutes5 minutesindefinite

Aside from cost, the fundamental difference between the two motors is that one is perfect for pottering around the canals and rivers at gentle speeds whereas the other can bash up tidal flows for extended lengths of time.

Please see our work in development (link to quieter belt drive page) regarding reducing noise on the belt motor.

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