Borrowing character and time

Our reclaimed timber is sourced from all over the UK and we are very open to different species. This timber comes with history and it’s very different to timber that is cultivated and harvested in forests today. Simply put, there is a lot more character to the grain and a lot more depth in the colour.

Because it’s had another life elsewhere, it could have been in an old school, a church building or country house, it comes with its own patina. Patina means bumps and scrapes and other blemishes, but with careful consideration and placement and a craftsman eye, you’ll have a finish that offers character and warmth.

This timber keeps on giving. You will damage your boat in time. It’s inevitable. But with a light sand and varnish you won’t be able to see it. In fact, you will have added to the history and to the patina of this timbers story.

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