Your electric narrowboat

Your electric dream machine

57 foot or 65 foot. Cruiser stern, semi cruiser stern, traditional stern, semi traditional stern. Josher bow, standard bow, tug deck. Hopper windows, port holes, duck hatches, drawbridge bed. Etc etc.

The beauty of narrowboats is that they can be so individual and they can be built to suit your own needs and budget. We know that we’ll be having some very in depth conversations with you, whilst you reference something you saw on Facebook. And we’re perfectly fine with that, together we will design the perfect romantic couples/family holiday/entertaining friends boat. Below are a few conversation starters.

That said, one of the biggest choices you will make is whether you want an electric narrowboat and if you want a large array of solar panels. Basically you are choosing how environmentally friendly  you want to be.


Next Electric Narrowboat Slot Available June 2024

Your electric narrowboats internal layout
Fresh thinking

Click on the boats above to view their internal layouts. You’ll find lots of good ideas for your electric narrowboat. Some of these ideas are ours and some of them are our customers. You’ll find us very open minded and always willing to try and make a new idea work. You may end up with an innovative design different to your original thought. That’s the beauty of putting our heads together and being creative.

Small footprint

Below is a plan that you can use to sketch out your ideal narrowboat interior, remember an uncluttered boat is a joy. Try to think of what you don’t need. In total you’ll have about 240 square feet to play with which is smaller than most studio flats. Also having too much storage is a problem – if you don’t really need it, it’s best to leave it at home. Remember, once your ‘foot spar’ is at a bottom of the locker, it’s likely to stay there until you sell your narrowboat. 

Be single minded

Some people make the mistake of designing a boat that is for every occasion. The danger is that your boat will not be a good for any occasion. Design the boat to suit what she’ll be doing 90% of the time and you can compromise the rest.

Passing places

One last thing, if there is more than one of you on the boat, remember to incorporate passing places so you can get past each other when traveling up and down the boat.

57"6" Narrowboat Plan
Click to download PDF of plan
A commitment to green issues and technology

Welcome to Mothership Marine, the leading canal boat builders in the UK. We specialise in designing and building modern canal boats that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Our solar-electric narrowboat perfectly exemplifies our commitment to sustainable and green boating.

A solar-powered electric engine is a feature of our solar-electric narrowboat. It means you can enjoy canal boating without harming the environment. Our modern electric PMAC motors specially designed for narrowboats are reliable and efficient and provide a smooth and near silent ride. It is perfect for exploring the UK’s waterways and enjoying a peaceful and relaxing break.

At Mothership Marine, we take pride in designing and building tailored boats that meet our customer’s needs and preferences. They are designed to be spacious and comfortable, with a modern and stylish interior. The ship has all the amenities you need to enjoy your boating holiday, including a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living area, and a spacious bathroom.

Our solar-powered narrowboat is not only economical but also ecologically sustainable. The electric motor is more economic to run and maintain than a conventional diesel engine. No more expensive trips to the diesel bowser.

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