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Solar panels

Mothership Marine have designed a semi flexible solar panel to fix directly to the surface of a steel roof. The panels are 1400mm wide and 833mm deep. These are a high specification panel that have been designed for a long service life and can be walked on.

  • Max power 179w
  • Max power current 8.37
  • max power voltage 21.28V

Special design features

For the aesthetics of the boat and for practical reasons these panels have a junction box on the rear and are flush fitting. Individual panels are joined together to form a larger array and could cover the entire surface of the boat. If the array needs to be broken, for example, to insert a vent, a fibre glass insert can be provided. It means that the entire surface of the roof is on one level allowing water to freely drain and not pond.

Field Test

Our test boat Shine has 10 of our solar panels with 2 fibre glass inserts. It means that we have a maximum nominal power of 1790W. The graph below represents our solar yield in May, June and July of 2019. As the boat was constantly moving and has in fact covered over 500 miles where sometimes the panels were obscured by trees of building this data is very real.

The total yield was approximately 580kWh. This represents both a significant saving to your pocket and the planet as a whole.

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