Solmate – Customer Review

Navigating in Comfort and Style

Solmate, a narrowboat brought to life by the shared passion for water of its owners, Ruth and Iain, is a masterpiece that intertwines functionality, aesthetics, and a dash of their personal story. With Ruth hailing from the USA and Iain from England, their journey began on the open seas, living on a sailing boat and exploring the globe together.


Having spent seven adventurous years at sea, their accumulated wisdom now finds expression in the thoughtfully designed Solmate.

This narrowboat, their UK haven, encapsulates their experiences, ensuring comfort throughout the year – a place to call home during both balmy summers and crisp winters, and for extended stays.

Drinking Partner

The boat’s name finds inspiration in their love for Sol Beer, and it’s no surprise that this fondness is subtly woven into the boat’s interior, with specially designed wallpaper that pays homage to their favorite pastime. “Salud Solmate!” 


Stepping aboard, the Semi Cruiser Sterns present a versatile space, perfect for both stationary contemplation and serene travels. The quiet electric motors contribute to an unhurried journey, allowing you to savor every ripple of water. The deck boasts Tek-dek finishing, a marriage of form and function, concealing vital components beneath – a generator, electric motor, and heated lithium batteries.

As you descend into the heart of the boat, reclaimed timber and ingenious design unfold. Doors and drawers all have an angle iron surround, combining durability with a touch of elegance. The galley, complete with modern appliances, houses a special storage compartment for the couple’s cherished Sol Beer.

The living space, an epitome of comfort, features double-ended Chaise Lounges adorned with Morris & Co.’s upholstery, a nod to classic design. A dining table with extendable ends ensures effortless entertaining. The saloon’s centerpiece, a Reflecs stove with a back boiler, emanates warmth both literally and figuratively.

Solmate’s ingenuity extends to the bathroom and bedroom. Storage solutions abound, including a drawbridge bed that offers easy access and ample storage underneath. 

Solar panels atop the roof provide sustainable energy, and 5G connectivity is seamlessly integrated for modern convenience.

Shared Love of Water

In essence, Solmate isn’t just a boat; it’s a floating testament to a shared love for water, travel, and each other. With its meticulous design, eco-friendly features, and a touch of personalized elegance, it invites anyone aboard to embrace the sun-soaked journey that Ruth and Iain have crafted with care.

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