Stelvio Signwriting

Sign writing is an age old narrowboat tradition. Without it boats look a little bare. It all started when narrowboats were working boats and like trucks on the road today it was a way of advertising their company.

Nowadays, we give our boats names and not numbers and they are owned by individuals not companies and sign writing has become a way of personalising a boat.

Some boats follow tradition lines but others like Stelvio display their owners passion. In this case it’s cycling. Stelvio is a mountain in Italy and is grueling part of the cycling road race ‘Giro d’Italia’. The race starts in the forest at the foot of the mountain up the snaking road some 9045′ mountain. Participants unfortuately don’t get to stop off at the excellent cafe at the top.

The signwriting was designed by Sid Tomkins and is being skilfully executed by Wez our friendly local signwriter.

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