Stelvio very close to completion

Stelvio has been a big mountain to climb and is our grandest and longest boat to date at 65′. She has been plauged by supply chain issues and ‘hats off’ to the Mothership build team. These disruptions have called for flexibility and patience.

We at Mothership beleive that the interiors of narrowboats should feel like that of a county cottage. We achieve this by using reclaimed timber, in this case 150 year old oak (that’s 150 years after the tree was felled and first used). “You take a huge punt when you spend nearly £10,000 on what looks like to others as a heap of fire wood” say’s Tim Knox the business owner who has a degree in Timber Technology “it’s not for the faint hearted.

The patina and colour is exceptional. However it does take a long time to fix and again full credit to the team. The end result is exquisite.



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