Stelvio’s Electrical System Explained

Anyone thinking about buying an electric boat should watch this.

In this YouTube video, Tim Knox takes viewers on a tour of a special electric boat, showcasing its various electrical features. The video starts with a look inside the boat, highlighting electric beds, an incinerating toilet, kitchen appliances like a toaster, dishwasher, and a Quooker tap.

Solar charger

 The host explains the electrical setup of the boat, including components like a solar charger, isolation transformer, charger inverter, and a consumer board. The boat uses lithium batteries, charged through solar panels on the roof, a connection to the shore, and a DC generator. Tim demonstrates the use of a bus bar to distribute electricity on the boat.

DC Generator

Next, the video explores the generator, which provides electricity to the batteries. A Fisher Panda generator is used, producing DC electricity that goes through a voltage control system and into the bus bars. Tim highlights the safety measures in place, such as isolator switches and fuses. The video then focuses on the boat’s exterior, showcasing the electric lift for bikes, a camera, tunnel light, and 5G Wi-Fi aerial.

Lithium Battery

Moving back inside, the Tim reveals the batteries, consisting of eight 12-volt batteries joined in parallel and series to create a 48-volt bank. The batteries are monitored through a shunt and a phone app. The video concludes by showcasing the permanent magnet AC motor and its controller, emphasising its efficiency and quiet operation. The host explains the use of a larger prop for better grip in the water. Finally, the video demonstrates the power of the motor and its control through a throttle at the back of the boat.

Overall, this YouTube video provides a detailed tour of an electric boat’s electrical features, including batteries, solar charging, shore connection, generator, and motor, highlighting their functionality and benefits.

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