Wood is good for you

Radio 4 interview I heard an interview on BBC Radio 4 with Professor Miles Richardson from University of Derby talked about the remarkable benefits of being in a ‘woody’ environment. His research sheds light on the physiological changes that occur when individuals interact with wood, highlighting the calming and relaxing effects it has on the […]

Solmate Launch

New Electric Narrowboat Solmate is move to our finishing wharf Mothership Marine builds solar electric narrowboats in Oundle, Northamptonshire. The River Nene runs to the town’s south. Oundle is a beautiful and ancient market town famed for its school and surprisingly for Fairline Yachts. Surprisingly because Fairline build seagoing boats that are sold around the […]

Protecting River Nene’s Swans

Protecting River Nene’s Swans through Electric Boating. The River Nene in England is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including the iconic swans. However, water pollution poses significant threats to these majestic birds. Electric boating has emerged as a promising solution to mitigate the dangers faced by the swans on the River Nene. The […]

Stelvio Maiden Voyage

The River Nene is open and its time for Stelvio’s ‘sea’ trials. Although Stelvio has been on the water safely tied up at Oundle Marina for the past few months she hasn’t been out on the River Nene.  It’s been a very wet winter and the river has been constantly in flood.  If you’re thinking […]

Where it began

A trip down memory river where Mothership Marine had its origins and the realisation comfort and being carbon neutral might be possible with a little tech.

Be nice to the spray foam guys

Battening on a solar electric narrowboat

Two things to think about here. Two things to think about here. The first is to really batten the boat well prior to a visit for the insulation guys coming. The second is to treat those ‘masters of all things thermal’ guys really well. Efficiency and quality Battening is a really important job. Mothership Marine […]

Narrowboat Tranquility ready for delivery

Electric Boat Builders

There will be ‘Tranquility’ on the A1 very soon. Our new shell will be arriving Sheffield very soon for owners Caroline and Veerji. ‘Tranquility’s’ topsides has been painted in 2 pack gloss RAL 5014 Pidgeon Blue. He hull has an epoxy primer. The Mothership team paint the hull. Also a 2 pack system from Jotun […]