coopsy 23.6.22 Whales take a tour up the Hawkesbury |

A 15-metre southern right whale and her calf were spotted traveling more than five kilometers up the Hawkesbury River, reaching Brooklyn near the Hawkesbury Bridge.

The same whales were seen last week frolicking in the waters of Sydney Harbour.

A wildlife expert estimates the six-meter calf is two to four weeks old.

“Southern right whales are known to meander around the bays and inlets and don’t travel fast like Humpback whales,” said the spokesman from the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

“They travel more slowly and with less direction.”

The endangered species are often seen in shallow water, including estuaries and bays.

They are even seen in surf zones but are not known to strand.

About 15,000 humpback whales are also making the journey north towards warmer waters.

“Southern rights are less common,” the spokesman said. “It was only the third time we’ve recorded them in Sydney Harbour.”

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Photo: Mick Milligan NPWS

Article from SMH